Board of Trustees' Meeting

Board of Trustees' Meeting


August 23, 2022
Agenda: I. Call to Order; II. Roll Call; III. Proof of Due Notice of Meeting; IV. Determination of Quorum; V. Approval of Minutes; VI. Old Business: A. Financial Status Update (PDSC, APD and DVP) Allotment Releases; B. Report from PDSC Executive Director; C. Report from APD Managing Attorney; D. Elder Justice Center Program Update; VII. New Business; VIII. Public Discussion; and IX. Adjournment and Next Meeting Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2022.

Copies of the agenda and meeting packet will be available prior to the meeting at the Public Defender Service Corporation's office or on their website at Individuals requiring special accommodations are asked to contact Ms. Cathy Gogue at 671-475-3100.

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