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Broadband Internet, VoIP, Web Security (Firewall), and Cloud Storage Solutions


The Guam Ethics Commission (GETHC) is soliciting information from interested vendors to obtain broadband Internet, VoIP, Web Security, and Cloud Storage solutions for the newly opened Guam Ethics Commission office. The GETHC has established a committee which will draft technical specifications that will form the basis of a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Internet and telephone services. The committee will use information received as a result of this Request for Information (RFI) to assist in developing required specifications and in cost estimation.
Any information submitted in response to this RFI will be considered during the development of the RFQ. Any response to this RFI does not guarantee that the information offered will be integrated into the RFQ, nor shall it prohibit any vendor from receiving or responding to the RFP when and if it is issued. The lack of response to the RFI will not preclude a vendor from participating in the RFP process.
The specific objectives the GETCH intends to accomplish through this RFI are as follows:

  • Identify vendors who provide the technical services desired in the RFI.
  • Identify vendors and consultants offering technical support services for IT solutions and network improvements.
  • Identify vendors and consultants offering Internet, VoIP, Web Security, and Cloud Storage solutions.


The GETCH was revived via Executive Order 2019-06, and re-established by Public Law (P.L.) 36-28 as an independent and autonomous Commission within the Government of Guam. The Guam Ethics Commission’s mandate is to uplift the public’s confidence in government employees, programs, and operations by ensuring the practice and promotion of the highest standards of ethical behavior in the go
vernment of Guam.
Existing Server
The Guam Ethics Commission has no existing infrastructure other than an office location which was secured in June 2021. The current space is located in Hagatna on the 9th floor at the GCIC building, Suite 903. To the best of the office's knowledge, the floor space has some infrastructure which supports the installation of the services requested.


The GETHC seeks to determine specifications of the broadband internet, VoIP, web security and cloud storage solution services for its network infrastructure. Interested vendors are requested to provide the following:
  • Describe the type of broadband internet available and key features to include but not limited to information on whether the server is dedicated or shared with other customers in network.
  • Detail what services fall under maintenance and support, and
  • Describe what VoIP solutions are available, detailing key features which can be enabled to promote efficient business practice.
  • Describe the maintenance and support services it offers its clients for common user problems;
  • Describe the support services it offers for Web Security;
  • Describe the support services if offers cloud storage of VoIP recordings or other data generated from the services leased;
  • Describe the support and consultancy services it offers for data storage and back- up;
  • Describe consultancy services it offers for security and compliance issues;
  • Describe consultancy services it offers for any hardware and software purchasing needs, and other technology needs; and
  • Describe system administrator and end-user trainings it offers.


Maintenance and Support Cost Estimate: Provide a budgetary cost estimate for annual maintenance and support services scoped by your responses to section 3 above.
System Upgrades/Enhancements: Describe how systems are upgraded or enhancements added to the base server system. Do users who have the current maintenance contracts receive regular enhancements or upgrades?
Company Background: Provide information regarding any names the company may have used in the past. Include list of clients and contact information (i.e., contact name, telephone number, email address, etc.), along with the service(s) it has provided to its clients.
Company Experience: Provide information regarding where the proposed service or similar service has been provided (successfully and unsuccessfully). How long has the company provided the service(s)?
System Partners: Is your company able to offer an entire solutions package or do you utilize affiliated companies to provide portions of the services offered? If other vendors are used, please provide background and experience information for those vendors also.


Inquiries: Inquires of a technical nature may be directed to:
Guam Ethics Commission
E-mail: ethics@dma.guam.gov
Submission: Submit or email a copy of the requested information, along with any supplementary materials. Responses to this document must be received no later than 12:00 pm., Chamorro Standard Time (GMT+10), June 25, 2021.
Responses should be sent to:
Guam Ethics Commission
Attention: RFI Committee
Email: admin@guamopa.com 
Format: Information should be organized in the format and information sequence found in this document.


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