Regular Monthly Commission Meeting

Regular Monthly Commission Meeting


MEETING DATE / TIME: Thursday, July 15, 2021/ 1:00 p.m.

MEETING PLACE: Suite 223, ITC Building 590 S. Marine Corps Dr. Tamuning
Please like us on CLTC’s Facebook and tune in on Facebook Live and YouTube -GovGuam Live to view the meeting virtually.
You may email for public comments or via Facebook.
Additional Information May Be Available At:
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals requiring special accommodations or services should contact Tina Rose Tainatongo, 649-5263
I.         CALL TO ORDER                                            1:00PM
II.        ROLL CALL                                                     1:05PM                                                 
III.       APPROVAL OF MINUTES                              1:10PM                                                                 
IV.       NULL AND VOID LEASES UPDATE              1:30PM                                                                 
V.        NEW BUSINESS                                             1:45PM                                                                 
1.       Constituent Matters
2.       Affordable Housing
3.       Resolution and Determination of Need for Submerged Lands within CLTC Inventory
4.       GHURA Presentation
VI.      OLD BUSINESS                                              3:30PM                                                                 
1.       Tabled Constituent Matters
2.       Declaration for Commercial Use
VII.     FINANCIAL REPORT                                      4:00PM                                                                 
VIII.    AGENCY’S REPORT                                      4:15PM                                                                 
IX.      COMMISSIONERS’ COMMENTS                   4:45PM                                                                 
X.       ADJOURNMENT                                             5:00PM  
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