War Claims Adjudication Committee Meeting

War Claims Adjudication Committee Meeting


The War Claims Adjudication Committee meeting will be held at
Guam Museum Multi-Purpose Room. The Meeting will also be
live streamed on facebook.com/govlouguam

OCTOBER 31, 2022 2:30PM

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Approval of Meeting Minutes from September 27, 2022
IV. Reading of Public Notices Dates for Meeting
V. Report of the Status of Payments and Balance
VI. New Business
A. Adoption of updated Distribution of Surviving Heir’s form
pursuant to Public Law 36-107
B. Committee will Adjudicate Claims V-0161 through
VII. General Discussion
A. Proposed next meeting date
B. Miscellaneous Matters
VIII. Adjournment

Zoom Meeting:
War Claims Adjudication Committee Meeting Time:
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Meeting ID: 851 6044 6200
Passcode: 790399

The Guam War Claims Processing Center remains open Monday through
Friday at the Guam Museum until March 03, 2023. For inquiries, please
contact the Guam War Claims Center at 671-989-9277/78 from 9am-
3pm or you may email guamwarclaims@doa.guam.gov.
This notice was paid for by the Department of Administration.
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