FIRST NOTICE - Guam Election Commission Regular Meeting

FIRST NOTICE - Guam Election Commission Regular Meeting


Thursday, February 16, 2023, at 5:30 p.m.
Guam Election Commission Regular Meeting
GEC Conference Room, Oka Building, Tamuning, GU


For meeting livestream, visit GEC’s website at


Agenda - AMENDED


I.   Call to Order - Certification of a Quorum Present
II.  Certification - Public Notice Requirements – Guam Daily Post and Guam Public Notice Website (2/9/2023 & 2/13/2023)
III.  Approval of Agenda
IV.  Approval of Minutes

a. December 15, 2022, Regular Meeting

V.  Correspondence

a. January 12, 2023 Attorney General of Guam: Notice of Motion to Dissolve Injunction on Guam P.L. 20-134

b. January 21, 2023 Election Assistance Commission Re: 2023 Election Security Award Packet & Instructions

VI. Executive Director’s Report

a. 2023 Cancellation of Non-Voting Registrants

b. Timeline

c. Monthly Voter by Precinct Report

d. Online/Motor Voter Registration and Pre-Registration

e. Monthly Financial Report/ U.S. Election Assistance Commission Grant

f.  2022 Election Campaign Finance

i.  Guam Federation of Teachers – Committee on Political Education

g. Office of the Inspector General – U.S. Election Assistance Commission Audit

h. FY 2022 FOIA Annual Report

VII. Old Business – Other Items

a. 2022 General Election

b. Fiscal Year 2024 Budget Request

VIII. New Business

a. Executive Director Performance Evaluation

b. Campaign Finance Committee

i. Statutory & Guam Administrative Rules and Regulations Updates

IX.  Legal Counsel

a. Guam Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Guam Nurses Association, et al. v. Douglas B. Moylan, et al.

X.   Public Comment
XI.  Next Meeting
XII.  Adjournment

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