CENTRIC REPORT 2020 as of July 2021

CENTRIC REPORT 2020 as of July 2021


Centric Report 2020
As of July 2021
As required by OPA
Guam Commission for Educator Certification (GCEC) CENTRIC REPORT 2020
Table Contents:
 Mission Statement            page 1
 Performance Reports     page 2
 FY 2020 Expenditures     page 2
 Highlights & Challenges page 3
 Outlook                          page 3
 GCEC Members &            page 4
 Contact Us                     page 4
Compiled per July 2021 Submission

Mission Statement

The mission of the Guam Commission for Educator Certification is to ensure that all certified Guam educators responsible for the education of our children are competent to perform their duties as teachers, school counselors, librarians, and school administrators.
GCEC is a separate entity governed by a seven (7) member Board of Commissioners.  Over 3,000 educators and 5,000 certificates have been processed through GCEC.  Some educators hold more than one or more certificate while others have moved off-island keeping their certificate current.






  • Continued services through COVID
  • Executive Order 2020-26 enabled temporary certification for those unable to complete requirements due to unavailability of PRAXIS.
  • Appointment of Executive Director in June 2020
  • Closure of office location moved services to online access.
  • GCEC Commissioners adopted and
approved Standard Operating Procedures
for Professional Certifications issued by
the Commission as well as Extension of
Certification Periods for certificates
expiring under Emergency Conditions.
  • The Guam Community College
announced that beginning Fall 2020,
students will be able to enroll in a
Bachelor in Career & Technical
Education. GCEC is in communication
with GCC to determine how BCTE
degree holders can obtain a professional
teaching certification.
  • Worked with the Guam Legislature and
the Office of the Governor to secure
adequate resources for the Commission’s
personnel costs.
  • FY2021 Budget Act appropriates funds
for personnel only. Operational costs will
need to be addressed using other revenue
  • COVID-19 pandemic placed great restrictions on face-to-face service.
  • Executive Director's position not filled until June 2020.
  • Budgetary restriction limits GCEC’s ability to become fully staffed to fulfill all of the commission’s mandates.
  • Teleworking and open communication to customers and responsibilities of work per COVID restrictions
  • To resume normal operation as best as possible.
  • Encourage non-GDOE educators to pursue certification
  • Community outreach and training on the Educator Code of Ethics and Educator Misconduct
  • Ensure that all educators are in compliance with Code of Ethics
  • Address educator complaints
  • Provide quality and efficient customer service
  • Maintain a rigorous system of educator certification to ensure that all Guam educators are competent.

GCEC Commission Members                               

Gayle F. Hendricks, Ed.D., CHAIR
Roberta M. Abaday, (Community Representative)
Lisa Baza-Cruz, Ed. D, VICE-CHAIR (Terminal Degree-Education Rep.)
Michelle M.S. Santos, Ed.D., Treasurer, (Community Representative)
Leeana Borja (School Counselor Representative)
Lisa Cooper-Nurse, Ed D (Administrator Representative)
Domingo Ocampo, (Teacher Representative)
Superintendent of Ed.-GDOE (Jon Fernandez, Esq.)
President-UOG (Thomas Krise, Ph.D.)
Chairman-GEB (Mark B. Mendiola)
President/CEO-GCC (Mary A.Y. Okada, Ed.D)
Jesse Quenga, Executive Director; Fran-Nicole Camacho, Certification Officer;
Gwendolyn Manglona, Administrative Assistant
Guam Commission for Educator Certification
Email: Office@guam.gcec.gov
Website: gcec.guam.gov
Office Location: University of Guam School of Education Room 105 (1st Flr)
Mailing Address:
Guam Commission for Educator Certification
303 University Drive SOE Bldg. Room 105
Mangilao, GU 96913
Phone: +1-671-735-2555
Fax: +1-671-735-2569
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