Guam Board of Social Work - Regular Board Meeting

Guam Board of Social Work - Regular Board Meeting


Regular Board Meeting

Department of Public Health and Social Services
194 Hernan Cortez Ave., Ste 213A, Hagatna, GU 96910
Thursday, October 05, 2023, 11:00 A.M.
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Meeting ID: 824 8228 2115
Passcode: 880804
 I. Call to order
​     ​​A. Confirmation of public notice
II. Determination of Quorum
III. Adoption of Agenda
IV. Review and Approval of Minutes
A. September 15, 2023
V. HPLO Administrator’s Report
Chairperson’s Report
VII. Committee Reports
A. Finance & Budget
     B. Statutes, Rules and Forms
          1. Update on Rules and Regulations 
VIII. Old Business
     A. Consideration of Application for Renewal of Licensure:
          1. Kyung Hee Byun - LBSWE
          2. Dina Marie K. Fegurgur - LBSWE
          3. Shirley Lee Untalan - LBSWE
          4. Ciena-Celine C. Materne - LMSWE
          5. Katrina Rosario-Sanchez - LMSWE
IX. Announcement(s)
     A. Next Meeting: The Guam Board of Social Work next regularly scheduled board meeting, November 09, 2023 at 11:00AM. 
X. Adjournment
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