GMHA Board of Trustees Meeting

GMHA Board of Trustees Meeting


Board of Trustees Meeting
                 Date:         Wednesday October 25, 2023
                 Time:        5:00 p.m.
                 Meeting will take place via Zoom Video Conferencing.
                 Meeting ID: 913 5266 3119
                 Passcode: 556240
Notice: Closed Executive Session to discuss attorney-client privilege confidential Case and Trial Strategy in CV1180-14. Only Board Members, the Court Reporter, select Members of the Administration and Legal Counsel will be “admitted” for the executive session and all other participants will be placed in the “waiting room”  until executive session ends the board reconvenes for regular session.
I. Call to Order; 
II. Closed Executive Session Re: CV1180-14;
III. Approval of the Minutes: A.  September 27, 2023;
IV. Old Business;
V. New Business; A. Policy A-IM500, Policy Development, Revision, Approval, Maintenance, and Distribution
VI. Management’s Report;
VII. Guam Memorial Hospital Volunteers Association Report; VIII. Board Subcommittee Reports: A.  Joint Conference and Professional Support: 1. Res. 2024-01, Relative to the Reappointment of Active Medical Staff Privileges, 2. Res. 2024-02, Relative to the Reappointment of Active Associate Medical Staff Privileges, 3. Res. 2024-03, Relative to the Appointment of Provisional Medical Staff Privileges, 4. Res. 2024-04, Relative to the Appointment of Allied Health Professional Provisional Staff Privileges, 5. Res. 2024-05, Relative to the Reappointment of Full Allied Health Professional Staff Privileges 6. CY2023 Strategic Goal 5; B. Human Resources: 1. Res. 2024-08, Relative to Amending Official Board Resolution No. 2021-19, Relative to Establishing a Progressive Job Differential Pay Program for Nurses in the Adult Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Room, 2. CY2023 Strategic Goal 4. C. Facilities, CIP and IT: 1. CY2023 Strategic Goal 2; D. Quality and Safety: 1. CY2023 Strategic Goal 3; E. Finance and Audit: 1. Res. No. 2024-06, Relative to Approving Two Hundred and Two (202) New Fees and Sixteen (16) Proposed Fee Adjustment of Oxygen Supplies, 2. Res. 2024-07, Relative to Approval of Patient Receivable Accounts Batch No. 2024-001 3. CY2023 Strategic Goal 1; F. Governance, Bylaws, and Strategic Planning: 1. CY2023 Strategic Goal 6;
IX. Public Comment;
X. Adjournment
For special accommodations, please contact Theo Pangelinan, EEO Officer, at (671)647-2104, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
/s/ Lillian Perez-Posadas, MN, RN
Hospital Administrator/CEO
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