CLTC Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting

CLTC Board of Commissioners Regular Meeting


I.  Call to Order – Certification of a Quorum Present

Certification – Public Notice Requirement
           a. Guam Daily Post (11/08/2023 and 11/14/2023)
Guam Public Notice Website ( 

Approval of Minutes - September 21,2023 Regular Board Meeting with
 1st Resumption Meeting, September 26,2023 and
nd Resumption Meeting, October 03,2023     

IV. Administrative Directors Report 

V.  Old Business                          
           a. Continuation of Loan Guarantee Request for Board action from
                               October 19,2023.
               13. Joseph John Guzman Mendiola
               14. Genevieve L. Aldan (fka Genevieve Hernandez Chiguina
               15.  Breanna Beth Finona Sablan
               16.  David Vincent Pangelinan
               17. Josie Lynn R. Camacho
               18. Nadine Roberto Domingo
               19. Carmen Diane Crisostomo
               20. Billy P. Cruz
               21. Tony Eloy Cruz
               22. Jose Navaro Bautista
               23. Emailina Chargualaf Mariano
               24. Vicente J. Cruz
               25. James Roland Mathis
               26. Pauline Therese T. Acosta
           b. Guam International Country Club
           c. Lot 7161-R1, Yigo
           d. Global Recycling  

VI. New Business
a. Appointment of Acting Administrative Director, Mr. John T. Burch
           b. Designation of Authorized Signatories (Chairperson or Acting Chairperson
               and Administrative Director or Acting Administrative Director) for Bank of     
               Guam accounts
           c. Null and Voids (102 leases)

VII.  Constituent Matters
a. Johnny Charfauros

VIII. Public Comment(s) 

IX.   A
X.   N
ext Meeting -  Thursday, December 21, 2023 at 1:00PM 
                                CLTC Conference Room, Suite 223, 2nd Floor,
                                 ITC Building, Tamuning, Guam
                                21 GCA Real Property, CH 75 Chamorro Land Trust Commission §75A    
                                102 (c) The commission shall meet regularly on the third Thursday of                 
                                every month at 1:00pm or more often as determined by the Chairperson 
                                of the Commission

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