GovGuam Retirement Fund Regular Board Meeting

GovGuam Retirement Fund Regular Board Meeting


FIRST NOTICE: Government of Guam Retirement Fund Board of Trustees Regular Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 27, 2023, at 12:30 p.m. in the Retirement Fund Conference Room, 424 Route 8, Maite. 
For individuals requiring special accommodations, please contact the Board of Trustees’ Office at 475-8900.
I.   Call to Order
II.  Review and Approval of Board Minutes
      A. 10/20/2023 Regular Meeting
III. Correspondence
      A.  None
IV. Director's Report
V.  Third Party Administrator's Report
      A.  Contribution Report – September 2023
VI. Standing Committee Reports
      A.  Investment Committee
      B.  Members and Benefits Committee
VII.  Old Business
        A.  None
VIII. New Business
        A. None
IX.  Open Discussion / General Public Input
X.   Announcements
XI.  Adjournment

I.   Call to Order
II.  Review and Approval of Board Minutes
   A.   10/20/2023 Regular       
III.  Correspondence
       A.   None
IV.  Director's Report
V.  Legal Counsel’s Report
       A.   None
VI.  Treasurer's Report of Financial Status
VII.  Standing Committee Reports
      A.   Investment    Committee
         B.   Members and Benefits   Committee
VIII.  Travel Report – IFRBP 69th Annual Employee Benefits   Conference – 10/1-4/2023
  1.   George Santos, Trustee
  2.   Antolina Leon Guerrero,Vice Chair
  3.   Artemio Hernandez, Treasurer
  4.   Thomas San Agustin, Trustee
IX.  Old Business
       A.   None
X.  New Business
      A.   None
XI.  Open Discussion / General Public Input
XII.  Announcements
XIII.  Adjournment
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