First Notice-Barrigada Municipal Planning Council Meeting-02-21-2024

First Notice-Barrigada Municipal Planning Council Meeting-02-21-2024


Barrigada Municipal Planning Council
Municipality of Barrigada
 124 Luayao Lane, Barrigada, Guam 96913
Tel: 671-734-3725/3737/3859 —  Fax: 671-734-1988
A regular Barrigada Municipal Planning Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.
at 6:30 p.m.
Barrigada Community Center. Livestreamed on the Barrigada Mayor’s Office Facebook Page.


I.   Call to Order

II.  Roll Call

III. Meeting Notification

IV. Approval of Minutes for January 17, 2024.

V.  Approval of Financial Reports

VI. Mayor’s Reports

VII. Old Business

      A. Street Names

     B. Annual Easter Event,

     C. Kalaguak Memorial

VIII. New Business

           Zone Changes

  1. Application No. 2022-48, for a Zone change from: “A” (Rural) to “C” (Commercial) zone; for the proposed construction of a mixed-use professional and medical services building with allied retail and support services at the front and a single-family residence at the rear of the property, on Lot 4A, Tract 295 in the Municipality of Barrigada.  Applicants: Jongsung Kim and Joanne Kim. Presented by: W.B. Flores & Associates.

  2. Application No. 2024-01 Summary Zone Change on Lot 2-NEW-4, Block E, Tract 9 in the Municipality of Barrigada, under Application No. SZC 2024-01, for a Zone Change from “A” (Agriculture) to “R-1” (Single- Family Dwelling) Zone, for proposed parceling of two (2) lots and for future construction of single-family residences. Applicant: Jae Shin Kim & Chong Suk Kim. Presented by: F.C. Benavente.

  3. New Community Service Funding Opportunities.

  1. Announcements

  2. Adjournment 

In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, individuals requiring special accommodations may contact Mayor June Blas at 671-734-3737 or email:
Funding Source provided by the BMPC

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