GMHA Board of Trustees Meeting

GMHA Board of Trustees Meeting


I. Call to Order 
II. Approval of the Minutes: A. February 28, 2024
III. Old Business: 
IV. New Business:  A. Nomination and Election of Board of Trustees Officers
V. Management’s Report  A. Above-Step Recruitment Petition for Lucy Aponik
VI. Guam Memorial Hospital Volunteers Association Report
VII. Board Subcommittee Reports: A. Joint Conference and Professional Affairs: 1. Res. 2024-25, Relative to the Reappointment of Active Medical Staff Privileges; 2. Res. 2024-26, Relative to the Appointment of Honorary Medical Staff Privileges; 3. CY2023 Strategic Goal 5: Engage Physicians; B. Human Resources: 1. CY2023 Strategic Goal 4: Engage the Healthcare Workforce; C. Facilities, Capital Improvement Projects, and Information Technology: 1. Critical Infrastructure Projects ($20M ARPA Funding); 2. CY2023 Strategic Goal 2: Enhance Infrastructure & Technology; D. Quality and Safety: 1. CY2023 Strategic Goal 3: Transform Healthcare Services; E. Finance and Audit: 1.Res. 2024-27, Relative to Approving New Fees and Existing Fee Schedule; 2. Res. 2024-28, Relative to Approval of Patient Receivable Accounts Batch No. 2024-003; 3. FY2025 Budget; 4. CY2023 Strategic Goal 1: Achieve Financial Viability; F. Governance, Bylaws, and Strategic Planning: 1. Board of Trustees Bylaws; 2. CY2023 Strategic Goal 6: Engage & Partner with the Community
VIII. Public Comment
IX. Adjournment

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