2ND NOTICE: Guam Ethics Commission Regular Meeting - April 26, 2024

2ND NOTICE: Guam Ethics Commission Regular Meeting - April 26, 2024



Kumisión i Ginihan Areklamenton Guåhan

The Guam Ethics Commission regular meeting is to be conducted on
Friday, April 26, 2024 at 12:30 p.m. at the GEthC conference room
Suite 406 – 4th Floor Bank of Hawaii Building in Hagåtña and Online Via Zoom.
Meeting ID876 733 0322 Passcode: ethics
The meeting will also be livestreamed on YouTube
via: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKnPm89nLvvK0d0kx0mtcgA  

I. Call to Order / Roll Call of Members

II. Approval of Minutes
    a. January 26, 2024 – Regular Meeting

II. Executive Director’s Report

III. Closed Proceedings 4 GCA 15 §15401
ETH-23-110-OT-201 | ETH-23-115-COI-202 | ETH-23-122-UT-201
ETH-24-001-OT-202 | ETH-24-002-UT-202 | ETH-24-003-UT-202
ETH-24-004-COI-201 | ETH-24-005-CI-201 | ETH-24-006-OT-201

IV. Unfinished Business
a.     Commission Boardsmanship Training / Education Program P.L. 32-031
b.     Review and Approve Annual Executive Director Performance Evaluation and Pay Adjustment

V. New Business

a.     Commission to Act on the Following Case: ETH-24-001-OT-202
b.     Review and Approve GEthC Policy 8 – Continuity of Operations Policy
c.     Review and Approve IFB No. GEthC 002-24 Conflict Counsel
d.     Review and Approve Electronic Filing of Mandated Reports under the Public Official Disclosure Act 4 GCA Chapter 13
e.     Consideration of EIGP Exemption Request from UOG PALS Faculty
f.      Review and Approve FY 2024 Budget Realignment Plan
g.     Cancellation of IFB No. GETHC-001-24 Telephone & Internet Services
h.     Approval of Summary of Opinions Second Edition   

VI. Announcements

VII. Adjournment

For special accommodations or other assistance, please call the Guam Ethics Commission at (671) 969-5625. This ad was paid for with Guam Ethics Commission funds.

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