GMHA Board of Trustees Meeting

GMHA Board of Trustees Meeting





  1. Welcoming | Call Meeting to Order and Determination of Quorum
Trustee Obispo
  1. Open Government Compliance
    1. Publication, May 15, 2024
    2. Publication, May 20, 2024
    3. GovGuam Notices Portal & Website Posting
  1. Review and Approval of the Minutes
  1. April 24, 2024
All Trustees
  1. Old Business
    1. Res. 2024-31, Relative to the Declaration of Officers of the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority Board of Trustees
All Trustees
  1. New Business
All Trustees
  1. Management’s Report
Executive Management
  1. Guam Memorial Hospital Volunteers Association Report
GMHVA President
  1. Board Subcommittee Reports
  1. Joint Conference and Professional Affairs
    1. Res. 2024-32, Relative to the Reappointment of Active Medical Staff Privileges
    2. Res. 2024-33, Relative to the Appointment of Provisional Medical Staff Privileges
    3. Policy No.: A-MS100 - Disruptive Practioner
    4. CY2023 Strategic Goal: 5 Engage Pysicians
  2. Human Resources
    1. Revenue Cycle Management Administrator
    2. CY2023 Strategic Goal 4: Engage the Healthcare Workforce
  3. Facilities, Capital Improvement Projects, and Information Technology
    1. Harmon Warehouse Mold Remediation Plan of Corrective Action
    2. Critical Infrastructure Projects ($20M ARPA Funding)
    3. MCH Renovation & Expansion Project
    4. OB Ward/L&D Power Source Project
    5. GMHA 1st Floor Elevator Lobby & 3rd Floor Med Surg 2 Leaks AARP & IP
    6. CY2023 Strategic Goal 2: Enhance Infrastructure & Technology
  4. Quality and Safety
    1. CY2023 Strategic Goal 3: Transform Healthcare Services
  5. Finance and Audit
    1. Res. 2024-34, Relative to Approval of Patient Receivable Accounts Batch No. 2024-004
    2. CY2023 Strategic Goal 1: Achieve Financial Viability
  6. Governance, Bylaws, and Strategic Planning
    1. CY2023 Strategic Goal 6: Engage & Partner with the Community
Trustee Dr. Um
Vice Chairperson Obispo
Trustee Davis
Trustee Obispo, Kleiner
Trustee Aguilar, Obispo
Trustees Dr. Borja, Siliang
  1. Public Comment
  1. Adjournment
Trustee Obispo

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