FIRST NOTICE | GEDA Board of Directors Meeting May 30, 2024

FIRST NOTICE | GEDA Board of Directors Meeting May 30, 2024


I.             Call to Order
II.            Inifresi
III.           Roll Call
IV.          Approval of Agenda
V.            Approval of Minutes
a.      April 2024 Board Meeting | April 25, 2024
VI.          Chairman’s Remarks
VII.         CEO/Administrator’s Remarks
VIII.        Committee & Standing Reports
  1. Real Property Committee
  2. Healthcare Committee
  3. Agriculture Committee / Aquaculture Committee
  4. Qualifying Certificate Report
  5. Grants Report
  6. Communications Report
IX.           Old Business
X.            New Business
                                a.            Executive – Implementation of Twelve (12) Month Evaluation/Increment Period
                                b.            ASD – FY24 Mid-Year Budget Review
                                c.             PF – GDFA Loan Review
                                                                1.  Lit Tropics LLC
                                                                2.  Maxi Taxi Service
d.            PF – Resolution 24-005 Approving the issuance and sale of Guam Power Authority Revenue Refunding Bonds and approving the execution of related documents, agreements, and action.
XI.           Public Comment
XII.         Adjournment   

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