Guam Parole Board Meeting May 23, 2024 at 3:00 P.M. & Guam Pardon Review Board Meeting May 23, 2024 at 4:00 P.M.

Guam Parole Board Meeting May 23, 2024 at 3:00 P.M. & Guam Pardon Review Board Meeting May 23, 2024 at 4:00 P.M.


Guam Parole Board

DATE:           Thursday May 23, 2024     
TIME:            03:00 p.m.
PLACE:         Parole Services Division
                       #203 Aspinall Avenue
                       Hagatña Guam, 96910
Old Business: March 28, 2024
1. BAZA, Jose                                           16th Parole Desirability Hearing                                    
    S.C. 119F-87; 239F-86                             (Tabled pending documents)
2.TAMALUA, Feleti F.                               1st Parole Desirability Hearing                                        
    CF175-15                                              (Tabled pending home placement)
3. OMWERE, Basinlio                               1st PED After Revocation Hearing                                  
    CF652-18                                              (Tabled pending documents)                                            
4. PAULIS, Six                                          1st Parole Desirability Hearing                                     
   CM003-21; CF172-22                              (Tabled pending victim notification)     
5. CASTRO, Heather L.                            1st PED After Revocation Hearing                                
     CF470-15                                                (Tabled pending home placement)   

New Business:  May 23, 2024

1. CARRIAGA, Eric J.                               1st Parole Desirability Hearing                                         
2.  SALAS, Manny J.                                    1st Parole Desirability Hearing                                       
     CF599-18; CF597-19
3.  CHARGUALAF, Jordan J.                        1st Parole Desirability Hearing                                   
     CF358-14                                                    (Waived)                                                                                                               
4.  BROWN, Jr. David M.                            1st Parole Desirability Hearing                                       
     CF159-21                                                    (Waived)                                                              
5. FELIX, Mark M.                                    1st Parole Desirability Hearing                                   
    CF125-21                                                     (Tabled)
6. MUNA, Bernard J.M.                              1st Parole Desirability Hearing                                    
    CF602-20                                                     (Waived)                                                               
7. QUINATA, Bob Jessy                            1st Parole Desirability Hearing                                     
     CF0294-21; CF0168-22                               (Waived)
8. TOVES, Leonardo M. II                           1st Parole Desirability Hearing                                   
    CF0023-20; CF0417-19                                (Waived)
9. ESPINOZA, Jr. Mario                            1st PED After Revocation                                              
    CF421-19; CF572-18                                    (Waived)                                                                        
10. BORJA, Jimmy M.                             Preliminary Revocation Hearing                                         
11. BENJAMIN, Benster J.                       Preliminary Revocation Hearing                                         
12. CRISOSTOMO, Kevin J.                   Preliminary Revocation Hearing                                    

 13. NGIRAIBUUCH, Jenner S.                 Early Parole Discharge                                                  NC/MAF
      CF0115-19                                               (Re-Entry Graduate)

                                                                                Guam Pardon Review Board
DATE:           Thursday May 23, 2024     
TIME:            04:00p.m.
PLACE:         Parole Services Division/DJT
                       #203 Aspinall Avenue
                      Hagatña Guam, 96910
Old Business: April 25, 2024
1. QUINATA, Richard                          Commutation Request                                                   
    CF372-04                                         (Tabled pending victim notification)
2. PATRICK, Zarackai                          Pardon Request                                                              
    CF546-12                                         (Tabled)

New Business:  May 23, 2024
None scheduled at this time.

Legend:   Waived = Inmate declined to apply for parole or declined appearance in person
                 Tabled = Case is pending further information or disposition
                 Status Update = A verbal, or if necessary, written update by the Parole Officer about a                   
                 case previously heard.
                 Post #/Initials = Post (housing unit number) and initials of Parole Officer. Example: Post 2/MFR
                 NC = Not Confined
                 BOP = Bureau of Prisons

Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 856 8877 1596  Passcode: 556746
To attend the meetings, we ask that you register via  For individuals requiring special accommodations, please contact the Parole Services Division at (671) 735- 4132/33 for assistance.   This ad was paid for by the Corrections Revolving Fund

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