General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meeting


The Guam Developmental Disabilities Council will be having its General Membership Meeting on Wednesday December 29, 2021 beginning at 11:00am via Zoom. For additional information, please call (671) 735-9127. Request for special accomodation must be submitted 72 hours in advance.

I.    Call to Order / Roll Call

II.   Review of Minutes: Wednesday September 8, 2021

III.  Reports
      A. Executive Director's Report
      B. Council Membership Status
      C. Standing Committee Reports
      D. Attendance Matrix

IV.  Old Business
      A. FY-2022 Budget
      B. Relocation to new office
      C. 2020 / 2021 PPR Due March 1, 2022
      D. Amendment to By-Laws

V.   New Business
      A. 2022 DD Awareness Committee and Activities
      B. 2022 - 2026 5-Year State Plan Implementation

VI.  Announcements

VII. Adjurnment


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