Guam Green Growth Shares Success with Region

Guam Green Growth Shares Success with Region


Guam Green Growth Shares Success with Region 

The Guam Green Growth (G3) Steering Committee Co-Chairs, Lt. Governor Joshua F. Tenorio and UOG Center for Island Sustainability & Sea Grant Director Dr. Austin Shelton, conducted a series of presentations and discussions with President of Palau Surangel Whipps Jr. and his Cabinet earlier this month. Following the success of G3 implementation projects, new funding from the Local2030 Islands Network and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will enable Guam to help neighboring islands establish their own green growth initiatives. The regional coalition will create new green industries and jobs to support a sustainable and prosperous future. 


Governor of Guam Lourdes Leon Guerrero committed Guam as a founding member of the Local2030 Islands Network during the 2019 U.N. General Assembly. She then promulgated Executive Order 2019-23 to establish the G3 Working Group. G3 is now the most comprehensive public-private partnership ever created to achieve a sustainable and prosperous future for the island of Guam. The executive order appointed over 100 members from all sectors society to the working group and assigned UOG Center for Island Sustainability and Sea Grant to facilitate the island-wide initiative.


“Our administration is committed to creating a sustainable future for Guam and our region. We are working to reduce vulnerabilities to external forces and improve our food security and economic prosperity through a green growth approach,” stated Lt. Governor Joshua Tenorio. 


“Guam Green Growth is becoming a bright spot that we are pleased to share with our island neighbors. In just a few years, we’ve launched three G3 Community Gardens, a G3 Circular Economy Makerspace and Innovation Hub at the CHamoru Village, graduated two cohorts of G3 Conservation Corps, and more,” shared Dr. Austin Shelton. 


About Guam Green Growth

Aligned with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Guam Green Growth cultivates an ecosystem for transformative action to achieve a sustainable, prosperous, and equitable future for Guam. UOG facilitates the island-wide initiative in cooperation with the Office of the Governor of Guam and the 100 members of the G3 Working Group representing all sectors of our society. To track Guam’s progress on the G3 Dashboard and to find out how you can take action on sustainability, visit  


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