Legislature Encouraged to Use Guam Public Notice Website

Legislature Encouraged to Use Guam Public Notice Website


Legislature Encouraged to Use Guam Public Notice Website


Hagåtña, Guam - The Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration issues the following statement on the use of the Guam Public Notice website: 


Guam Public Law 32-037 requires the creation of a public notice website to publish and catalog public notices from agencies of the Government of Guam, as required under Title 5, Chapter 8, of the Open Government Law. In June 2021, the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio Administration was the first to come into compliance, partnering with the Office of Technology (OTECH), to launch the Guam Public Notice website available at notices.guam.gov. Launch of the portal was formally announced and widely publicized in June 2021 (see attached release).


This portal provides a valuable platform for publication and archiving of public information, especially meeting notices throughout GovGuam. The portal’s extensive archives date back nearly two years, and includes announcements from numerous line agencies, autonomous agencies, boards and commissions, and even the island’s mayors and charter schools. 


This month, Speaker Therese Terlaje and several of her colleagues in the Guam Legislature were among the last to adopt use of the Guam Public Notice website. We believe their participation in this effort will provide greater access to government meetings to our people and that they will benefit from broader public participation in their meetings, as Executive and Judiciary Branch bodies have during their extended period of use. As always, we are available to provide resources and guidance to assist the Legislature as it learns to navigate this valuable tool. 


We also invite the community as a whole to stay informed. The portal’s features allow users to subscribe to agencies of interest and share meeting information with others.



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