Future of New Hospital Uncertain

Future of New Hospital Uncertain


Hagåtña, Guam - The Office of the Governor of Guam issues the following statement: 

“From the start, we encouraged the Attorney General to engage us on any legal concerns that may have emerged during his review process. Understanding that his office is understaffed and overwhelmed, we made additional support available to him. Unfortunately, he did not avail himself of these resources. We are confident that, had he responded to our frequent requests for updates during his review, we could have resolved many of the issues raised in his ultimate reply.

While we are taking care to diligently review the issues he raised, none of the issues appear to constitute actual impediments to entering the lease. We remain open to discussing these issues with the Attorney General at his option. However, it is likely that a legal remedy will be necessary to effectuate the Organic Act mandate that the Governor shall establish public health facilities, including hospitals, and the Supreme Court of Guam’s determination that the Legislature has no place in negotiating lease agreements, which is necessarily an executive function.


As for those who have opposed this lease from the start, no one should celebrate the increased likelihood that we will lose Eagles Field for a second time.  

Tragically, the only thing delayed today is a state-of-the-art hospital we all need.

Yet not a single Senator who opposed our plan has presented a solution of their own.

That might be good politics but it certainly won’t make anything better for everyday people.”


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