IFB: GU-THS-1400(002)

IFB: GU-THS-1400(002)


The Honorable Lourdes A. Leon Guerrero, Governor of Guam, and the Honorable Joshua F. Tenorio, Lieutenant Governor of Guam, through the Director of the Department of Public Works (DPW), is soliciting SEALED BIDS for the following project:

1. Sealed bids should be submitted to the 2nd Floor, Division of Highways Building Room 201, Department of Public Works, 542 North Marine Corps Drive, Tamuning, Guam 96913, no later than 2:00 P.M. on September 26, 2023. At this time, the bids will be publicly opened and read aloud to the public.

2. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security in the amount of 15% of the total bid amount. Accepted form of bid security may be bid bond, certified check or cashier's check payable to the Treasurer of Guam.

3. The sureties of all bonds must be on the approved listing by the Government of Guam or United States Department of Treasury list as "Companies Holding Certificates of Authority as Acceptable Sureties on Federal Bonds and Acceptable Reassuring Companies". The penal amount of the bond shall not exceed the surety's underwriting limit, as stated in the Department of Treasury listing. A copy of Certificate of Authority is also required.

4. Please note that all Bid Documents and related Addenda can be obtained at the 2nd Floor, Division of Highways Building Room 201, Department of Public Works, 542 North Marine Corps Drive, Tamuning, Guam 96913. Submission of sealed bids will remain at the Department of Public Works.

5. Dates are subject to change. Notification by addenda will be provided in the event these dates change.

6. The Invitation for Bid can be downloaded at https://www.guamtransportationprogram.com/contract-opportunities/invitation-for-bid

7. A mandatory pre-bid conference will be held by DPW on August 31, 2023 at 9:00 A.M. via a teleconference call and in person (limited space available; to reserve, please call (671) 649-3121 or email highways@dpw.guam.gov). The call-in number is outlined in the Procurement Schedule of the IFB. Items discussed during the Pre-bid conference will be made part of the contract documents.

/s/ Vincent P. Arriola, Director
Department of Public Works

Telephone: (671) 646-3452
Fax: (671) 646-3449

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