Request for Information (RFI) OIPD RFI-23-001

Request for Information (RFI) OIPD RFI-23-001



Request for Information (RFI) OIPD RFI-23-001

The Office of Infrastructure Policy and Development (OIPD), under the direction of the Office of the Governor, is establishing a list of qualified vendors who can provide innovative and cost-effective proposals for the utilization of the Broadband Equity Access And Deployment (BEAD) Program that Guam received.

The federal government allotted over $156.8 million to our island in line with a nationwide initiative to bring affordable high-speed internet for all, and we aim to ensure that these funds are employed effectively and judiciously.


The primary objective of the RFI is to pull together a list of qualified vendors interested in competing in future BEAD grant funding for resilient, scalable, secured, affordable, high-speed, and sustainable broadband solutions relevant to this region in the Western Pacific. Our interests include broadband solutions that enhance broadband access, ensure equity, and optimize the deployment of federal resources.

This may involve (but is not limited to):

● Infrastructure development: Design and construction of high-speed broadband networks.
● Equipment procurement: Purchase of necessary devices and technologies for service delivery.
● Education and training: Programs for users and maintenance personnel.
● Network optimization and expansion: Ways to ensure widespread and consistent coverage.
● Regulatory and policy considerations: Suggestions for local rules and regulations that would facilitate better broadband access and use.

Please provide detailed information on:

● Your company’s profile and past performance in relevant projects.
● Innovative ideas on how to employ the BEAD funding effectively.
● Estimated cost and timeline for implementation.
● Strategies for addressing potential challenges or issues.
● Additional resources or partnerships that could leverage the BEAD funding.
● Any other information that would help us understand your capabilities and approach.

This RFI is open to all vendors who have expertise in broadband technology, network design,construction, infrastructure optimization, capacity building, policy planning, and related areas. The applicant should have a proven track record of implementing similar projects on a large scale. The applicant must have experience as a vendor, subcontractor, or subgrantee for federal grant projects and awareness of requirements.

All responses to this RFI must be submitted to Carlo Carino, BEAD Administrator at:

Submission of information does not commit a responding party to submit a proposal to any subsequent solicitation. Commenters are advised that the Office of Infrastructure Policy and Development is not obligated to acknowledge receipt or provide feedback regarding any comments received under this announcement.

OIPD may use responses to structure future solicitations. OIPD advises commenters to avoid including any information in their responses that might be considered business sen- sitive, proprietary, or otherwise confidential. If, however, a commenter chooses to submit business sensitive, proprietary, or otherwise privileged information, it must be clearly and conspicuously marked as such in the response.

In addition, (1) the header and footer of every page that contains confidential, proprietary, or privileged information must be marked as follows: “Contains Confidential, Propri- etary, or Privileged Information Exempt from Public Disclosure” and (2) every line and paragraph containing proprietary, privileged, or trade secret information must be clearly marked with double brackets or highlighting. Failure to comply with these marking requirements may result in the disclosure of unmarked information under the Freedom of Information Act or otherwise. The U.S. Federal Government is not liable for the disclosure or use of unmarked information and may use or disclose such information for any pur- pose. If a comment contains confidential, proprietary, or privileged information, the commenter must include a cover sheet identifying the specific pages containing confidential, proprietary, or privileged information.

The requested information is for preliminary planning purposes only and does not constitute an obligation by OIPD to enter into a contractual agreement, nor does it constitute a commitment, implied or otherwise, that OIPD will issue an RFP in the future. OIPD will not be responsible for any costs offerors incur in furnishing this information.

We appreciate your time and effort in helping us ensure the efficient and effective use of the BEAD Program funding in Guam. We look forward to your innovative ideas and potential partnership in this endeavor.

/s/ Tyrone J. Taitano Infrastructure Coordinator
Office of Infrastructure Policy and Development Office of the Governor of Guam

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