Speaker Terlaje: Bill 184 is a Win-Win

Speaker Terlaje: Bill 184 is a Win-Win


nds for a medical campus. During this hearing, the Office of the Attorney General made recommendations regarding the non-compliance of the lease with federal and local laws. On the record, Speaker Therese Terlaje stated: 

“There was a proposal by the Ancestral Lands Director that we have crown lands right next to Eagles Field if they love that area so much. Crown lands meaning it belongs to the ancestral lands, they’re supposed to be leasing it out. They could lease it out to the Government of Guam if we want, and win-win all around—the location they want. And we are leasing property, and we own it. Somebody owns that in the end, right? Ancestral Lands Commission. At least it’s Government of Guam.” 

Take “yes” for an answer. That’s Governor Leon Guerrero’s response to the legislative Committee on Land. Back in April, Speaker Terlaje sought consideration of the Adacao site as an alternative to Eagles Field, which did not receive legislative approval.

Governor Leon Guerrero heard this call for compromise and joins the Speaker in recognizing the efficacy of this site, which provides space to grow a medical complex that not only meets our immediate needs but looks ahead to meet the growing needs of our children and grandchildren.

“As has been said before, it is the duty of every parent and grandparent to build something solid so our children can have something better,” Governor Leon Guerrero said. “I’m tired of government policy that thinks only about the present and then wonders why we still have the same problems in the future.”

Concerns with the Ypao Point site include a lack of buildable land to meet the hospital’s current needs or build for the future, the potential need for expanded utility infrastructure, increased traffic congestion, and the presence of a major fault line.

“I ask our lawmakers to vote ‘yes’ to Bill 184 to allow for the purchase or lease of land for the medical complex,” added Governor Leon Guerrero. 

Today, the Guam Legislature will hold a public hearing on Bill No. 184-37 (COR). The proposed legislation introduced by the governor supports her vision to build a medical complex in Barrigada, which co-locates a hospital, public health center, behavioral health, veterans clinic, pharmacy, and specialty care clinics in addition to medical providers’ offices on a single site.  To learn more about the proposed Guam Medical Complex, visit https://governor.guam.gov/medical-complex/. 


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