Speaker Disregards Public Testimonies in Support of Bill 184-37

Speaker Disregards Public Testimonies in Support of Bill 184-37


Hagåtña, Guam - The Office of the Governor issues the following statement in response to a recent media release regarding public hearings on Bill 184:

“Unfortunately, Speaker Terlaje’s message seems clear: Despite hours of testimony by veterans, village mayors, and island residents in support of Bill 184-37, none of it mattered and nearly all of it ignored simply because it did not conform to her mistaken understanding of the facts. 

Notwithstanding her prior public support for building this complex on crown lands, the Speaker issued a four page press release that blatantly ignores resounding support at the public hearing for a medical complex site large enough to meet Guam’s growing needs—a site closer to southern residents that maintains facilities for island veterans. None of which or the many public testimonies in support were mentioned by the Speaker in her release. 

No one can provide clear and convincing details on a construction project without knowing where it will be built or how much useful land we will have to build it.

Throughout the public discussion surrounding a Guam medical complex, the Speaker has called for an honest discussion involving the facts. That can’t happen if she chooses to ignore the facts that don’t fit her personal opinions.”


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