Statement on Status of Guam Memorial Hospital

Statement on Status of Guam Memorial Hospital


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 30, 2024

Hagåtña, Guam - The Office of the Governor issues the following statement relative to the status of the Guam Memorial Hospital: 


“GMH provides safe, competent care, and we remain certified by the federal government via the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. The fact that CMS maintains our certification means that we meet the federally required standard. That said, our challenges at the hospital are well-known and have touched every administration in the last three decades.

GMH borrowed millions to repay vendors under the Calvo administration and avoid payless paydays. We ran out of epidurals in the Camacho administration, and our elevators, air conditioners, and electrical panels were a problem under governors from both parties. They will remain a problem so long as we spend more on treatment than people can afford to pay— and we spend what little cash we do have to repair a building that is falling down around us.

GMH’s problems have not changed. The only thing that has is the party and gender of the governor required to fix them. 

Ask yourselves why the same group said so little about GMH when the Calvo administration lost hospital accreditation in the first place? This isn’t about GMH. It’s about who they want to blame for it.”


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