Residents with Unmet Needs from Typhoon Mawar May Seek Support at Mawar Disaster Relief Center

Residents with Unmet Needs from Typhoon Mawar May Seek Support at Mawar Disaster Relief Center


Hagåtña, Guam - As the one-year anniversary of Typhoon Mawar approaches, the Office of Homelessness Assistance and Poverty Prevention (OHAPP) is pleased to announce the upcoming opening of the Mawar Disaster Relief Center (DRC). 

The Mawar Disaster Relief Center will assist Guam residents with unmet needs due to Typhoon Mawar. The center will connect affected residents to the resources they need to resolve the remaining issues due to damage or hardship sustained by Typhoon Mawar. ALL GUAM RESIDENTS are eligible to receive assistance with the Mawar DRC if they have been affected and continue encountering “unmet needs” due to Typhoon Mawar. This project is funded by a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Disaster Case Management grant that will run through May 31, 2025. 

The Mawar Disaster Relief Center will operate on the 3rd floor of the Bank of Hawaii building in Hagåtna, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. While phone and email inquiries are accepted now, an official opening for walk-in clients is anticipated by the end of June 2024.

“As we stand on the brink of the first anniversary of Typhoon Mawar, it is heartening to witness the remarkable recovery of our island. However, amidst this progress, our concern lingers for those who may have inadvertently slipped through the cracks for various reasons,” said Governor Lou Leon Guerrero. “Whether it be a denial of assistance or being turned away due to citizenship status, our goal remains–to extend a helping hand to all those in need. I wholeheartedly encourage our community to embrace the Mawar Disaster Relief Center in its opening next month.”

“Despite the significant progress we have made in our recovery efforts, we acknowledge that there are still individuals who have not fully recovered from the impact of the typhoon,” added Lt. Governor Josh Tenorio. “Whether it was a lack of awareness about available resources or being denied for various reasons, some continue to face challenges. This initiative presents an opportunity to link households with vital resources with the aim of restoring them to their pre-typhoon condition.” 

Examples of unmet needs include: 

  • inability to rebuild a safe structure on property

  • inability to clean and eliminate health dangers 

  • lack of available contractors to perform home repairs

  • loss/lack of employment

  • disrepair of infrastructure (water and power) due to typhoon 

  • crisis coping skills and mental wellness

  • connection to public health services and benefits

  • translation services (language and ASL)

  • recovering/ reissuing destroyed vital documents 

  • legal services for landlord disputes, ownership rights, liability, and insurance claims

  • childcare and education barriers

  • medical needs resulting from Typhoon Mawar

  • food security

  • senior citizens wellness and services needs

The program will not pay for home repairs, compensation for property loss, loss of wages, or any other damages. 

For additional information on services, contact 671-475-2060 or email You can also follow the Mawar Disaster Relief Center on Facebook and Instagram at @govguammawarrelief. 


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