DPR to Launch Liberation Village Baseball Tournament

DPR to Launch Liberation Village Baseball Tournament


Hagåtña, Guam - The Guam Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) is preparing to launch a Liberation Village Baseball Tournament. The Liberation Baseball Tournament will provide village athletes with a space to play the game they enjoy and support the formation of an annual village baseball league. The Liberation Village Baseball Tournament is an adult tournament with an open roster of 18 years and above. Players must play for the village in which they reside. A village can have more than one team, and smaller villages can combine to form a team. The tournament is targeted to start in July to coincide with Liberation Week. Games will be played at the Paseo Baseball Stadium during three 7-inning games on Saturdays and Sundays. The Liberation Baseball Tournament is a collaboration between the Guam Amateur Baseball Association (GABA) and DPR. 


“On this milestone 80th anniversary of Guam’s Liberation, we are excited to announce an initiative that will not only uplift the local baseball community but also directly support DPR’s mission to restore full-time adult baseball to the Paseo Baseball Stadium,” said Acting Governor Joshua Tenorio. “More than its deep roots as America’s favorite pastime, baseball is a local favorite and a legacy for many Guam families. We look forward to providing more opportunities for our players and fans to come together and enjoy the sport.” 

“Discussions occurred on the best baseball style for the Guam community. The idea of revitalizing village baseball is the best method to get the communities involved. Many years ago, village baseball and softball were very popular and created village excitement and unity,” said DPR Director Angel Sablan.

“There are numerous benefits of village baseball, including increased involvement from players, community and family awareness, pride, and followership, and the opportunity to connect and grow village pride,” said GABA Official Bill Benett, highlighting the positive impact this initiative will have on the community.

Over the years, the Paseo Baseball Stadium has hosted several international baseball tournaments, South Pacific Games Baseball, and visiting professional teams from Japan and South Korea. This historic stadium was the home of the Guam Major League, the 1990s Guam Amateur League, and the Guam Masters League. Many youth organizations, such as Little League, Babe Ruth League, and ISA High School League, use the stadium for games and tournaments, in addition to a growing number of team practices and music concerts.

Official Baseball Rules (OBR) will govern the gameplay, and speed-up rules will be used to quicken the pace of gameplay. The offensive team (team at bat) will provide game baseballs. Baseball specifications will be determined. Team registration is $500 with a 5-game guarantee. The number of teams registering will determine the tournament format and length of schedule. GABA will supervise and manage the tournament and provide game officials. 

For more information and to get involved in the Liberation Baseball Tournament, contact Bill Bennett at gaba@guambaseball.com or call 671-483-6500.


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