PAG Regular Board Meeting September 29, 2022

PAG Regular Board Meeting September 29, 2022


The Port Authority of Guam Board of Directors will hold its Regular meeting on Thursday, September 29, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.
Meeting will be held virtually. To view, visit: or
Agenda: I. Call to Order; II. Approval of Minutes August 30, 2022 Regular Board Meeting; III. Public Comments; IV. General Managers Report; V. Old Business; VI. New Business 1. Award of RFP-PAG-022-004 Independent financial audit services, 2. Award of IFB-PAG-CIP-022-007 Painting of exterior, interior and roof coating of the PAG CFS building, 3. Award of IFB-PAG-015-022 Insurance coverage for the Port Authority of Guam, 4. Resolution No. 2022-18 Relative to approving the Port Authority of Guam’s insurance coverage, 5. Resolution No. 2022-19 Relative to honoring the life and service of Port Authority of Guam employee Herman T. Paulino and extending our heartfelt deep sympathy and condolences to the bereaved family members, 6. Resolution Nos. 2022-20 thru 2022-32 Relative to commending and congratulating the named port retirees on their retirement with the Jose D. Leon Guerrero Commercial Port, 7. Resolution No. 2022-33 Relative to approving the settlement agreement to enter a stipulated dismissal in Civil Service Commission Adverse Action Appeal Case No. 20-AA-10T, Frank San Nicolas v. Port Authority of Guam, following the acquittals of the criminal cases rendered by the Superior Court of Guam, and authorizing General Manager Rory J. Respicio to execute the agreement and use Port funds as necessary to satisfy the agreement, and to herein provide the finalized agreement to the Honorable Benjamin J.F. Cruz, Guam Public Auditor in the interest of transparency and accountability;  VII. Adjournment.

For any assistance/access or individuals with disabilities who may need special accommodations, please call 671-477-5931, ext. 302/303 or
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